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Transom Door Closer Replacement
Door closer repairs in: Birmingham, West Midlands, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Gloucestershire.

Door closer repairs or replacement
 are one of the most common call-outs that our engineers attend to. They carry a selection of door closers and related spare parts from leading suppliers including, Adams Rite, Axim, Dorma, and Geze. This ensures that your door closer is fixed and correctly adjusted on the first visit providing safe and secure entry and exit.


Is your door:                                                                                                                                                      

  • Hard to open
  • Slamming
  • Dragging or catching
  • Hard to lock/unlock

Don't panic, we can return it to it's original working condition without causing any disruption to your staff or customers.

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For a door closer to perform properly it is crucial that the door leaf is set-up and fine-tuned correctly, well maintained, and the door closer matches the requirements of the door.

Door requirements to consider:door closer repairs

  • Size                                                                    
  • Weight
  • Opening/closing force
  • Weather conditions
  • Usage/traffic
  • Hold open or non hold open
  • Entrance door
  • Fire exit door
  • Security door
  • Internal door


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The main types of door closer are:

  • Surface mounted door closer (also known as face mounted and overhead door closer)
  • Transom door closer (also known as a concealed door closer. It's located within the transom at the head of the door)
  • Floor spring (located in the floor, usually underneath a cover plate)

Surface mounted door closers can be used on most types of door. There are lots of different types with different functions and controls including:dorma ts83 overhead door closer

  • Door Closing speed adjustment
  • Door Latching adjustment
  • Spring strength
  • Back check control
  • Hold open or non hold open


Concealed transom door closers are used almost entirely on aluminium doors and are concealed within the transom at the head of the door frame. They are used in conjunction with a top arm and channel (fixed to the top of the door) and a bottom pivot and saddle (fixed to the threshold and the bottom of the door respectively.) Again there are different makes and models for different applications. On site adjustments include:

  • Door Closing speed
  • Door Latching
  • Door height (adjusted via the bottom pivot and toe and heeling of the door leaf)
  • Lateral adjustment (via the top arm and bottom pivot saddle)


The door closing speed and latching adjustments allow for very precise closing control of a properly set-up door.


Floor springs are generally used with large heavy doors and frameless glass doors. They are fixed into the floor and concealed below a cover plate. As with transom closers on site adjustments include:

  • Door Closing speed
  • Door Latching
  • Door height (adjusted via the floor sping and toe and heeling)
  • Lateral adjustment (via the various different types of door fittings dependent upon the type of door)


Again the door closing speed and latching allow for a very precise closing action with correctly set-up doors.

It is important when renewing or maintaining any type of door closer or floor spring that the door sash is correctly aligned within the frame and serviced allowing for a smooth opening and closing operation.
Our vastly experienced engineers are passionate about improving, overhauling and rectifying all door closer related problems.


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