toe & heel windows & doors


Toe & Heel Windows & Doors.


There's a bit more to it than may first appear.

It's not only about stopping the door or window from catching, toe and heeling aids security and longevity of parts as well.


  1. The glass forms part of the structure on all windows and doors making it essential that it is packed correctly.

  2. The correct toe and heeling of the glass unit basically creates a diagonal brace across the glass keeping the door or window square and aligned.

  3. A properly aligned sash doesn't exert excessive pressure onto locks, hinges, and handles which in turn increase the lifespan of these parts saving money by avoiding premature replacement.

  4. With the sash set up correctly moving parts don't bind which helps protective coatings last longer staving off corrosion.

  5. A square sash also opens and closes correctly and when closed offers the correct amount of coverage onto the outer frame ensuring air tightness and avoiding drafts.

  6. Correctly toe and heeled windows and doors also aid security by making them more rigid by offering less “give” when forced.

  7. When aligned correctly doors maintain their correct height which in turn stops them from catching/dragging on the floor, protecting expensive floor finishes as well as the door.

  8. When the door or window is in it's correct position it allows pressure equalization between the frame and sash which aids drainage and eliminates damp helping to avoid corrosion.

  9. Finally and very importantly it looks square and doesn't offend our eyes!

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