Aluminium And The Environment

Aluminium is a sustainable construction material, it can be recycled any number of times without any change to it's quality. The recycling of aluminium uses around 95% less energy than that used to originally produce it from raw materials, meaning it is a lot more environmentally friendly than PVCu

Now on a par with PVCu for energy efficiency, aluminium will benefit the sustainability of buildings and the environment well into the future.

Modern buildings with a lower environmental impact over their life span allow businesses to grow but not at the expense of the environment whilst still providing comfort and durability to occupants.

aluminium section view

Using sustainable (renewable/recycled) construction materials such as aluminium and glass means developers are using less natural resources and raw materials reducing the impact of construction within the environment. Using these durable products lengthens the life span of buildings making the need to replace them less frequent, again benefiting the environment. The use of renewable and recycled materials also reduces the amount of waste going to landfill.

The long term use of renewable and recycled materials allows developers and businesses to help protect the environment whilst creating homes and workplaces which benefit communities.

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