aluminium door adjustment


 Aluminium Door Adjustment - First Impressions Count.


Aluminium Door Adjustment:

Not only are stiff to open dragging doors a pain, they are the first impression your customers get when entering your business as well as being the last when they leave. 

We can set up and service your doors ensuring safe, efficient, hassle-free operation as well as creating a great first impression.

The benefits of correctly set up aluminium doors include:

  • Strength and durability, (far more robust and secure than PVCu)
  • Retrospective adjustment and alignment options on site
  • Suitability for different types of door closer or floor spring dependent upon closing requirements
  • Suitability for different types of hardware to cover most applications and budgets


Aluminium doors can be adjusted laterally (left to right) via the top arm and the bottom pivot, up and down for height/clearance via the bottom pivot and by toe and heeling the glass or panel. Toe and heeling also aids rigidity and alignment of the door, for more information click here.

All of the above aid the smooth operation of doors, this in turn helps to avoid premature wear and tear of parts saving money long term and perhaps more importantly, allowing customers and staff safe entry and exit.

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